Fitting New Body to Frame

After media blasting was completed and an inspection was done of the body and sheet metal parts it was determined that previous body work and rust repair work had been to the body. We decided to call our friends at Omix-ADA for information on their body kit and was offered a new Rugged Ridge body kit for our build.

Our new Rugged Ridge body arrived via truck and the two pallets were quickly unloaded.

IMG 9486

Once inside the shop we opened the crate and inspected the body tub. WOW, it was great!

IMG 9496


IMG 9497

 When the body tub was completely unpacked we got out the chains and carefully lifted the body onto our painted frame to check the fit. 

IMG 9500

 We used a one inch body lift kit to assure proper clearance with the tires.

IMG 9504

 Not everything fit perfectly and several firewall holes needed to be enlarged or moved slightly.

IMG 9624

 We added holes in the dash for a factory tach and clock.

IMG 9627

 The remainder of the body panels are now fit to the body and frame. 

IMG 9634

 Dashboard and steering column in place.

IMG 9636


IMG 9637

 None of the cowl vent grill holes were in place. The holes for mounting the heater defroster box needed to be counter sunk into the cowl.

IMG 9669

 Clearance between our intake, headers and steering is checked and good.

IMG 9685

Now that the body is in place we are able to test fit the power steering ram. Once set into position the ram brackets can be welded to the front axle and tie rod linkage.

IMG 9701


IMG 9703


IMG 9699

 Ram installation complete.

IMG 9706