Body to Frame and Final Assembly

IMG 8255 2

Final preparation complete and ready for body drop onto frame

IMG 8366 3

Body has been bolted and shimmed to the frame and seat and windshield installed

IMG 8315 4

The inside of the body has had Dynamat applied for sound deadening

IMG 7434

Cutting the floor and toe board from 3/4 inch plywood

IMG 8283 4

Ready for the floor to be installed

IMG 7533 3

Floor installed along with a custom transmission tunnel needed to cover the T5 transmission

IMG 8361 3

The trunk area is framed out with wood to support the side panels and carpet

IMG 8344 4

Sanding and buffing the paint

IMG 8382 5

Wire harness being installed

IMG 8377 3

Carpet, shift boot and emergency boot installed

IMG 8422 4

Seat, door and kick panels, as well as dash and gauges, installed

IMG 8397 4

Upholstered and carpeted trunk

IMG 8375 4

Convertible top frame assembly in place and canvas top being installed

IMG 8403 2

The roadster leaving the office for the first time to go for a custom exhaust system

IMG 8409 4

Custom exhaust being installed