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Enter to win a POR-15 Concrete Floor Armor Kit!
Up to a $1,000.00 value!!

What's on everyone's bucket list of projects? PAINT THE GARAGE FLOOR! Well get ready to check this off your list with the latest POR-15 Bucket List Promotion. Enter to win a premium POR-15 Concrete Floor Armor Kit. Kit comes with detailed instructions and as always you can “Ask an Expert” by email or phone to talk to a POR-15 specialist to answer any questions. To enter fill out the form below (and read the official rules) to qualify to win your choice of any POR-15 Concrete Floor Armor Kits.

Winners will choose a Basic kit or a Deluxe kit in a Water-based or an Aliphatic urethane formula. Each kit contains enough product to cover a 2-1/2 car garage.

  1. Basic kit comes with everything you need to paint your concrete floor in a solid Light Gray or Dark Gray color.
  2. Deluxe kit includes extra items to create a speckled effect that helps hide surface imperfections.
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