Rust Preventive Ad 2016

Rust Preventive Ad 2016

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Two years in a row advertising in Hemmings, reinforces brand message and push sales with promotional free shipping code.


Hemmings Classic Car

Hemmings Classic Car features contemporary road tests and in-depth automobile and in-depth profiles, automotive design, engineering, styling and historical exposes, how-to-restoration and technical articles, and profiles on specialists and shops specializing in the collector-car-hobby.


paid circulation: 154,421


Hemmings Classic Car readers are involved, committed collectors and restorers who share a driving passion for the American automobile.


Key facts about our customers are they're "demographically secure," well educated and well established, able to buy and keep buying. A great majority of them, 83%, are in the prime buying years of 35-64, with 30% earning in excess of $100,000 annually.